In the production process we use the latest technologies, such as sublimation or seamless sewing, and high-quality polyester materials of different properties. As a result, our products are perfect for even the most competitive sports.

Knitted fabrics with a special weave are flexible, allow free movement, and are breathable. An additional advantage of this fibre is that it does not absorb moisture, and the clothing worn by an athlete – even during the greatest effort – gives the impression of being warm and dry, in contrast to cotton fabrics that absorb moisture and become wet, cold and heavy.

Fabrics using membranes protect against wind and at the same time keep the wearer warm.

The method of sublimation is a process under which the dye under the influence of heat is transferred onto a white cloth, which allows to obtain impalpable, high durability printings on the material, which in turn results in high comfort during use. The process of sublimation also gives unlimited possibilities in terms of selection of patterns and colours, and the design transferred onto the fabric becomes its integral part. As a result, printed images retain full range of intense colours, do not wash out, are not worn away, and are resistant to adverse weather conditions.

However, the most important element of the production process is our team composed of specialists in different fields. Many years of experience of our employees, using modern sewing infrastructure, is a guarantee of the highest quality of our products!