With what and why?

Our clothes are made of knitted polyester currently used in competitive sports throughout the world. Knitted with a special weave are flexible, allow additional air to breathe. The use of membrane protects against wind and breathe at the same time. Knitted thermo keep warm. Use them with Lycra fiber maintains flexibility, so clothing does not constrains movement. Their becoming a second skin. Another advantage of fiber is that it does not absorb moisture, and clothing that requires the athlete even with the greatest effort does not become a sponge soaked in water. Gives the impression of a warm and dry in contrast to the cotton fabrics that absorb moisture and become wet, cold and heavy.

Our goals:

  • user comfort
  • aesthetics and good design of our products
  • acquire as many users of our products
  • price for each customer


We make prints on our clothes in many technologies. Standard plastisol, screen printing and modern sublimation.
Some companies and teams we provided jerseys for: